11-21【Aida Abiad】管楼1418 吴文俊数学重点实验室组合图论系列讲座之146


Title: On the k-independence number of graphs

SpeakerAida Abiad, Maastricht University 马斯特里赫特大学 (助理教授)

Time20191121             下午  16:00-17:00

Room:东区管理科研楼  威尼斯官方网站1418


In this talk I shall present recent spectral bounds on the k-independence number of a graph, which is  the  maximum  size  of  a  set  of  vertices  at  pairwise  distance  greater  than  k.  The  previous  bounds known in the literature follow as a corollary of our main results. We show that for most cases our bounds outperform the previous known bounds. Some infinite families of graphs where the bounds are tight are also presented. This is joint work with G. Coutinho and M.A. Fiol.


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